Wednesday 26 May 2010

CCSVI treatment and current symptoms

I first went to Poland on the 13th Jan 2010 where I had balloon angioplasty on my left jugular,unfortunately after having no improvements from this I returned in March for a doppler with Dr Simka,It was found that I had re-stenosis.

On the 7th May I had my second procedure where my left jugular was ballooned first then implanted with 2 stents and also my right jugular was ballooned.

I have a 6.5 EDSS and my main symptoms are extreme stiffness and spasticity ,fatigue,heat intolerance,bladder urgency,standing and balance problems.
I'm using a wheelchair for any distance and can walk a few 100 metre's in stages with 2 crutches.

Well its 3 weeks after the 2nd procedure and I have not noticed any improvements ,but I was told by the doctor's in Poland you need to give it at least 3 months.

After reading that so many people are having significant results with RR,SP and PPMS I am very hopeful to notice something similar soon but its very hard to be patient when any positive change would mean so much :))))

after liberation at the Qubus hotel reception in Katowice with Soondri Slathia-Foster who was about to have the tests and treatment that coming week :)))